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Posted on 6th February, 2020

Spotlight your rosemary - in life and in the garden

This morning I was contemplating my garden - and saw that the morning sun had spotlight the rosemary bush I planted in October. It is thriving in its new spot. I've had two previous rosemary plants that didn't survive and it reminded me that I too need to be in the right place and time to flourish. I've also planted tulips in the garden and the ones that I planted two weeks after the first have already started to shoot up - because they are getting the sunlight they need, when I thought that the first ones were in a sunnier position. So now I'm photographing my garden and how the light tracks around it throughout the year.

Likewise for myself. I had noticed I was beating myself up that I hadn't followed up with a Games Developer I met a year or two ago and now I don't have his contact details. However I am in a much better place. I feel ready to pitch my idea and have published the second book in my Dragon series with the third pouring onto paper - and screen! So thank you Games Developer for helping me see how my idea would work as a computer game and thank you to one of my Halcyon sisters who has asked me to mentor her son - a gamer. Her request has inspired me to update my information on gaming companies for my idea.

I remember once in the past when the spotlight was on me it felt physically uncomfortable and it feels soooo different now - in 2018-19 I was interviewed or filmed four times about my swimming club, in my tankini too and felt totally comfortable with it. My focus, my spotlight is now on attracting a wider audience for my books - and being open to new platforms for that. I hesitated to show my garden as is - I wanted to crop the photo to show just the spotlit rosemary but technology true to form wouldn't comply! So I have this image that  I thought I would have as a private folder here as a reminder what my garden looks like this February morning 2020: the handrails that I want to find a solution for to make them feel effectively disappear! The wildflower lawn that I've shaped into a semi-circle and seeded with yellow rattle and wildflowers. The compost bin - positioned to make it easy to just dig in the composted material where it is then move to another spot. As in life there is a lot going on here that may not be visible, I too feel I've been hibernating this month! Happy Hibernating!

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