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Posted on 6th February, 2019

Yesterday  I went to a meeting of my Simply Sisterhood group. We had decided to have a celebratory spa afternoon so our inspiring leader, Louise Cardon, arranged the whole day at Ramside Hall, Durham.

As we sat sipping our drinks by the pool I realised how at home in my body I now am. I'm quite at ease in my bikini or tankini - chosen as I like the feel of the water on my skin, especially in the sea. 

It was a cold, icy February day yet even going into the outdoor hot tub in the rain was fun. The contrast in temperature, the heat of the pool and the cold refreshing rain on my face is a beautifully sensual pleasure. Even those hesitant of going outside into the cold rain enjoyed it! When everyone started taking photos I asked Louise to take a full length shot of me - for I am loving how my body feels. 

Now I enjoy and appreciate my body. Over the years I've had different schedules and eating routines that were always from someone else. I decided over ten years ago that for me happiness is enjoying the food I eat and appreciating my body and all that it does for me.

Every thing that can be eaten someone has an opinion about. I decided that I wasn't going to label food: good/bad; healthy/unhealthy; naughty/nice; treat/indulgence. I would eat what my body said 'yum' to. This feels so so so much better. 

My tastes have changed and now food tastes so much more delicious! I'm appreciating things in the past that I never enjoyed - 8 years ago I discovered I now enjoy coffee after a lifetime of not liking tea or coffee. At first my mind was trying to dictate: 'You can't drink that you've never liked it. It's got caffeine in, it's not good for you.' However my taste buds and my body said differently. Sometimes I don't fancy coffee for a week or a few days, and I don't feel addicted, I find the whole experience of having a beautiful cup to drink from is part of it. It's a pleasurable experience.

And I love my belly. This belly has nurtured and grown two amazing babies and also feels good to me. I'm not saying I will stay this shape forever, however this shape feels perfect for me right here, right now. I love going sea swimming and my body loves the water - and it enjoys even the winter temperatures of the North Sea. Yet I don't feel I need to compete or challenge it. The past two weeks I've not fancied going into the water so I haven't. More and more it feels like my body is thanking me as I listen to what it wants and I now tell it how much I appreciate it. It is so liberating! Thank you my physical apparatus - and thank you for those moments when I honestly appreciate how fabulous and beautiful you feel.Feeling Fabulous

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Well said! Your bliss is shining through xx
What a fabulous blog Risaria. I love your appreciation of your body. Too much pressure is put on people to be body beautiful and eat the "right things". We should follow your example and savour the enjoyment of food and be proud of our amazing bodies. Very well said. Xx