Dandelion Shadows and Avengers: Infinity War.

Posted on 5th May, 2018

Today I sat in the garden enjoying the sun and the dandelions. The shadows created on the path were beautiful too, so much so that I photographed them for my banner. Then I realised that while I had appreciated the golden dandelions, it was only when I saw their shadows that I decided to photograph them. I've typed this opening paragraph three times and it has disappeared - until I made that realisation! I love laughing at how long it sometimes takes to get something! So it's when we see the contrast, the shadow that we appreciate the full technicolour version of things that we have in life. 

I had been beating myself up for not cutting the grass because I was wondering what people will think. The shadows put an end to that - I love to see the dandelions and the different grasses they bring me such pleasure. So thank you nature for that wonderful gift today.


So how does this relate to writing and filmmaking? This week I've been to see Avengers: Infinity War and my friend, her son and I all agree what makes this so good is the humour- the light and shade. So take a tip from the dandelion shadows and the Avengers and use both!Dandelion Shadows in the sun.

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