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Posted on 23rd January, 2018

Yesterday I had a 1-2-1 session with Damsels in Success creatore Lucie Bradbury. And the vibrational shift was - let's just say I FELT it. A year ago when we had a Damsels session on the roles in our lives I found mine have changed quite significantly.

The roles of Wife and Mum are effectively obsolete. My children are now ages 31 and 30 and such amazing adults that I feel able to celebrate a job well done as their mother. I will always be their mother, however that role is very different now.

So in this Golden Age that I find myself in what ARE my roles? The one that got me tingling and stepping up to the plate was when I found myself declaring I am a film producer. In the past when asked what I do I've usually replied, 'I'm a writer.' Now I tell people I'm following my bliss - and this is definitely more authentic as people, including my daughter and my son seem to get this. So rather than saying I'm writing I started telling myself ~ I'm in my Studio ~ I've got so used to saying this that I automatically WhatsApped the Bairns - my son set up a Mam and the Bairns group - and said I was coming back to my Studio. And they get it! It feels great to have created this and covers all the creative work that I'm doing. 

I hesitated before typing ~work~ as this has been a word I've avoided using in relation to creative projects. My musician housemate when I asked her if she was working that day replied 'I don't work, I play.' Yet typing ~work~ just now felt very different. For me now in following my bliss my work is inspired, rather than coming from motivation ~ doing things from a place of fear ~ I now ~work~ in an inspired, effortless, flowing way. So this morning I was in the Studio writing. By a rough calculation it must have been for 4 hours in everyday time yet in inspired time it was for a few minutes!

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